Translations of GOD’S HOTEL

We’ve just signed the contract for God’s Hotel to be published in Chinese, in China. So now it’s been translated into: Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Hungarian. Looking forward to the European countries stepping up!

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  1. Dr. Sweet, I have just completed ‘God’s Hotel’…BRAVO to you for the exceptional coverage of every subject at Laguna Honda. I’ve recommended it to many people, especially those in the medical field. I’m ordering several from Amazon for for me too! I found your book at our Library, now want one of my own. My initial nurses training was @ Mendocino State Hospital in the early 60’s.
    I viewed a movie last night entitled ‘Awakenings’ with Robin Williams as Dr. Oliver Sacks & Robert DiNiro as one of the patients with catatonic lethargia (?)..the result of a 1918-1920 epidemic of encephalitis. Was it filmed at Laguna Honda?
    I’m now searching for data on this epidemic. I feel blessed to have suffered no after affects, as I had encephalitis in the late 1960’s….had no knowledge of the 1920 epidemic.
    Thank you for your accounting, knowledge and interest of medical history. I appreciate..YOU! Jean Epperson of Mercer Island, WA

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