Timberman/Beverly Productions picks up the option for God’s Hotel

Just back from my walking/pilgrimage tour in Burgundy. We started in Troyes, where the first European fairs started in the twelfth century, and we ended in Charite sur Loire, built up in the fourteenth  century, and on the way passed through Vezelay. It started as a walking tour, but turned into a pilgrimage after Vezelay. This part of France is depopulated, or perhaps better, reforested and re-animaled, and it is beautiful, quiet and very far away.

In the meantime, Timberman/Beverly Productions, on the lot at CBS, picked up the option to turn God’s Hotel into a television series.

There is other exciting news in the offing, too.

One comment on “Timberman/Beverly Productions picks up the option for God’s Hotel

  1. Dear Dr. Sweet,
    I wonder if you’ve ever visited the Musee de l”Assistance Publique in Paris,
    a history of Paris hospitals just opposite Notre Dame on the Left Bank Quai
    nearby. Your Burgundian pilgrimage sounds delightful; I assume you visited
    the old hospital that used to be entirely subsized by annual wine sales!
    With admiration and best wishes,
    Marion Hunt, Ph.D.
    p.s. I am taking the liberty of submitting your name to the Center for the History of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine where there’s an annual
    speakers’ series. No doubt you’re sufficiently busy so that they’d be lucky to get you!

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