One comment on “TEDx Talk at Middlebury: The Efficiency of Inefficiency

  1. Thank you for an excellent presentation. A point or two could be added in reviewing your points with which I agree essentially completely.

    Extrapolating curves linearly provides great humor but is not sufficiently rigorous or scientific.

    Much more useful, perhaps, may be noting that your diagram is missing a very important curve. One leaves the impression that administrators are supposed to run things more efficiently and cut costs but that’s only a tool they use. The mission of an administrator is to team build, perhaps rarely encourage more patient-centered care, and most certainly improve margins and profitability.

    The curve you are missing is the gross income curve and net profit calculation. Cost curves alone are almost irrelevant if rising costs are offset by income rising twice as fast. Whether the care then provided is appropriate care or excess profiteering off of human suffering would be the next question.

    However, to suggest that rising costs with rising administration represents failure is not supported by the evidence you provide which lacks curves for total income and net margin calculations.

    We run a nonprofit patient-centered little clinic, but even for us there is no mission without margin.

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