Some New Book Reviews

First, this by Lloyd Sederer MD in the Huffington Post Dr. Sederer also did a wonderful spoof of the recent edition of the DSM5:

And Books and Culture:

Also in Books and Culture, which has been picked by the American Conservative, who writes this: I have to confess that I love being on both sides of the divide that shouldn’t be there.

And this one in the Journal of Medical Humanities by Arthur Frank, MD: Frank review from JMH

Also, one in the Belgian journal of medicine, Artsenkrant:Artsenkrant_20130205_p17_555441348[1]. I can’t read Flemish, so I only hope it’s a good one!


One comment on “Some New Book Reviews

  1. Dr. Sweet, thank you for this book. I have been assigned to lead a discussion about your book (and the philosophical issues about both medicine and society that it raises) for the AAUW Hayward/Castro Valley book club on May 19, 2014.

    I’d appreciate more information particularly as to dates: When you started at LH, date of D&T appointment, report; First DOJ investigation, the various Court decisions, e.g. Davis,; dates of the various San Francisco ballot measures; date of your award of your Ph.D., date of the opening of the new hospital?

    We’d also like to know your fee for speaking engagements and how to make arrangements for you to speak to our group or at one of our public libraries.

    I had a career path in the law similar to yours in medicine: First practice, then a Ph.D. in the history of my field, and finally a book — so I would love to meet you. But please first help me with my questions about dates and your speaking.

    Ruth Rymer

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