GOD’S HOTEL attends Taiwan Awards ceremony

When I heard from my editor 18 months ago that God’s Hotel was going to be translated into Traditional Chinese and published in Taiwan—I was thrilled. It was the first foreign country to translate and publish my work, and I was thrilled for that, but also because it meant I’d succeeded in making my experience as a doctor in a very unusual hospital in San Francisco California, compelling and important outside the United States, as well as inside it.Then I got the galleys, and what a beautiful edition! I love the care with which the book has been done, the cover especially, and I would like to thank the editor, Ms Baywen Chang and the translator Ms Cindy Hung for their incredible work at making God’s Hotel powerful and clear enough so that it could be selected as a Best Book for 2014.

GOD’S HOTEL  is really thrilled. It loves awards.


Baywen Chang accepting the award. open%20book%20award1-2





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