Florence Nightingale and the New York Times

FN made it back into the news, perhaps partly because the Crimea suddenly seems close, and not far. She was an amazing woman, and once you start to read her, it’s hard to stop. For my article on Nightingale, Obamacare, and the idea of a calling, see http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/04/

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  1. Dear Dr. Sweet:

    Thank you for writing “God’s Hospital” and about your journeys in becoming a better doctor. And for pushing for slow medicine; all of those good things.

    In the late 1960″ as part of post master’s year in gerontology, I did some group work with the elderly in the old Laguna Hospital. I was unaware of the history of the hospital but Impressed by the nursing staff who let me work with a group of patients. I learned as much from them as anything they got fro me. Each week I rounded up the group, most of whom did not remember being at the last meeting. Got them to playing cards at one meeting. At the next round up, the man with Korsakoff’s syndrome said, “Are we going to play cards again”

    Not sure why I am writing this; just reminiscing about the old place, and wondering if the “new” Laguna Honda would have been so easily welcoming.

    Thanks for your work in pushing for slow medicine. It could happen.


    Dorothy Blake

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