Excellent review of the audio version of GOD’S HOTEL

I’d never read an entire book out loud before, and recording GOD’S HOTEL was strenuous. So I’m especially pleased that got a great review in the leading audio reviewing magazine, AudioFile.

Here’s a sample: GodsHotel

One comment on “Excellent review of the audio version of GOD’S HOTEL

  1. I agree with everything that you say, from the idea of slow medicine, to the “efficiency of being inefficient.” I absolutely love your book God’s Hotel, and relish every word. Until I read a sentence which I found deeply disturbing. You say that economists, in their need to cut costs (with doctors being too expensive) found the need to “de-skill’ medicine onto nurses and physician assistants. De-skill?? As in what? Turn over the practice and art of medicine to the less-skilled, dumbed-down practitioner? As a practicing physician assistant of 20+ years I find this idea to be an insult. I have always seen my strength and role as a team member, someone who is an asset, NOT a replacement for a physician. I have no pretense to be a doctor, but do feel that my presence in any medical setting is nothing but a plus. And whether or not my presence ends up cutting costs is no concern of mine– I could care less, because as both you and I have observed, the concept of cutting costs, ends up costing more in the long run by creating more bureaucratic BS. The profession of the PA was created to both fill gaps and create a place for ex-military medics to continue the scope of practice that they earned on the front lines.
    We worked hard to get to this place, and although we don’t have MD after our name we are quite skilled at what we do,and have spent many years in training. I would hope that you would see us as what we are– a member of your team, and not some replacement invented by an economist or cost-cutter.

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