The Haste which Mars the Dignity of Every Act (Dante)

Take a look at this beautiful summary of the essence of the matter, by Albert Dolara MD, the cardiologist who first used the phrase “Slow Medicine,” published in SM Brazil, by Marco Bobbio MD. It begins:

“The well-educated professor Alberto Dolara, the one who first wrote an article using the term Slow medicine, starts his new paper on haste in medicine quoting the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri. The poet synthetically expresses the negative effect of haste on every human action; even seven centuries ago hurrying up was seen as a hazard of spoiling the dignity of every action (Purgatory, Canto III, row 10-11):la fretta, che l’onestade ad ogn’atto dismaga (“the haste which mars the dignity of every act”).

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