The Endnotes of God’s Hotel refer to and sometimes quote from a number of public documents. Below find links and PDFs to the available sources, listed by chapter. The Introduction and Chapter One have no such references.

Chapter Two

For a copy of Hildegard’s Physica, see HildegardvonBingenSubtilitatumDiversarumNaturarumCreaturarumLibriNovemMLT (PDF format)

Chapter Three

For Dee and Tee’s report, see the appendix, “Executive Summary,” in

Chapter Five

First DOJ letter, May 6, 1998; see lagunafindings1998 (PDF format)

Chapter Seven

For Dr. Stein’s report on the hospital rebuild, see WhitePaperOnOptionsForLHHRebuild (PDF format)

Proposition A, For and Against; see 99-11PropositionABallotArguments (PDF format)

See the 1994 Archeological Resources Evaluation (PDF format)

Chapter Eight

Second DOJ letter, April 1, 2003; see lagunahondahosp (PDF format)

For the Davis Case see

For the Olmstead Decision, see

For an example of a TCM report, see TCMreportfor2009 (PDF format)

Transcript of the LHH Admission Policy fracas: See the 0624hearingtranscript (PDF format)

Chapter Nine

For Mr. Conley’s transition budget, see LHHTranstitionBudgetAugust2008

For Mirene’s social rehabilitation grant, see SocialRehabGrantApplication (PDF format)

For the reviewers’ response, see SocialRehabGrantReviewersConcerns

For Mirene’s response, see SocialRehabGrantResponseToReviewers (PDF format)

For the HMA report, see SFDPH05 (PDF format)

For a copy of the LHH O6 report detailing the State’s citations, see 274-page report see LHH06Report

Chapter Ten

For a copy of the Chambers suit,

Chapter Eleven

For the Side Letter by the DOJ, see the DOJ Report (PDFformat)

For the DOJ settlement agreement, see lagunasettlementdoj (PDF format)

Chapter Twelve

For the redone organization chart, see lhhorganizationalchart (PDF format)

For the Ja Report, see jareport (PDF format)

For Dr. Kay and Dr. Romero’s response to the Ja Report, see jareportresponse (PDF format)

For the ombudsman’s response to the Ja report, see ThoughtsonDavisJaReport (PDF format)

For more on the Gift Fund, see Part 2LHHGift Fu#132741 (PDF format); also see OriginalLHHPatietGiftFundPolicy45-0109-01-93

Dr. Kay did file a whistleblower suit, which was finally settled in 2013; for the settlement agreement, see here: Settlementagreement.

Dr. Grace ends the book; she is one of my heroes, and if you want to understand why, take a look at the trailer for the film about her and the accident, State of Grace, here: