Doctors Tells All–and It’s Bad

Posted by: on October 24, 2014

Excellent article in The Atlantic:

Slow Medicine Strikes a Chord

Posted by: on October 22, 2014

For an excellent account, see

Translations of GOD’S HOTEL

Posted by: on September 24, 2014

We’ve just signed the contract for God’s Hotel to be published in Chinese, in China. So now it’s been translated into: Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Hungarian. Looking forward to the European countries stepping up!

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Interview on Slow Medicine with Dr. Sweet at Words and Conversations

Posted by: on July 30, 2014

See here:

HuffPo publishes an excerpt from God’s Hotel

Posted by: on June 2, 2014

On my patient, Terry Becker’s, Miraculous Healing:

Two New Book Reviews of GOD’S HOTEL

Posted by: on May 27, 2014

Even at this late date! The first from the club of which I was not a member, the honor society for medical school, here: Pharos Book Reviews 4-1.2014 – incl Gods Hotel and the second from the journal, Family Medicine:


Posted by: on May 11, 2014


An interview with Dr. Sweet in the HuffPo

Posted by: on April 22, 2014

On taking care of yourself in the healthcare system, sexism, and self-discovery, an interview by Mehroz Baig, see here:

Dr. Sweet awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2014-2015.

Posted by: on April 11, 2014

Thanks very much to the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation for their award of a Fellowship in the category of Creative Arts, General Non-Fiction, for the 2014-2015 year. It will allow Dr. Sweet to work on her next book, tentatively titled, “Slow Medicine, Fast Medicine: Healing in an Age of Technology.”

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Florence Nightingale and the New York Times

Posted by: on March 4, 2014

FN made it back into the news, perhaps partly because the Crimea suddenly seems close, and not far. She was an amazing woman, and once you start to read her, it’s hard to stop. For my article on Nightingale, Obamacare, and the idea of a calling, see